Enjoy a day-off in Riga’s Zoo!

Enjoy a day-off in Riga’s Zoo!
20 August, 2014

The zoo in Riga is a city-owned zoo and it is the oldest zoo in Northern Europe! It is located in Mezaparks on the western bank of Kisezers Lake.

Mezaparks is a very popular place among Riga’s locals. You can have a picnic at the landing stage or make a tour with your bike or rollerblades. They even lend rollerblades! On the weekends there are many different markets which sell organic products. It is the most beautiful and greenest suburb of Riga. From the city center you can go there by bike, it only takes 11 minutes, or you take the Tram 11. So you can easily combine your day at the zoo with a nice and relaxed stay at the park.

About 4000 animals of nearly 500 species are living in Riga’s zoo and 300,000 visitors per year are visiting them. In 1912, the zoo was opened to the public and at that time it started with 267 animals of 88 species. Many animals were donated to the zoo, in 1914 alone, they received 538 animals. After the Second World War, the zoo was considered to be one of the best in Soviet Union. In 1988, the zoo began to work on a reintroduction of the European tree frog and it was successfully! As a result, the species is now found in the wild again!

A few years later, in 1992, the zoo joined the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. This means that they have to maintain high standards in animal welfare as well as other aspects of the zoo’s operation. The zoo considers their mission as following: they want to introduce and educate society about the diversity of the natural world, they participate in research and conservation of different species of animal in Latvia and all over the world and they motivate people to understand nature and to realize their role in it.

While visiting the zoo you can enjoy the branch “Ciruli” and have a look at 38 species of wild animals as well as 12 domestic animals. 1998 the Whiskas tiger house was established and it is the largest and most modern building of this type in Europe! Additionally, there is a Tropical house with 80 species of amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates and nocturnal animals.

Liden & Denz Riga will run an excursion to this zoo on August 29 from 4-6 pm!

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