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Excursion to Город Кронштадт (The town of Kronstadt)

19 September, 2014

Tomorrow there will be a chance for students from the school to visit the fascinating island town of Кронштадт (Kronstadt). The excursion only takes place once each month, so we highly recommend that you take this brilliant opportunity to learn about one of the region’s most unusual areas.

Visit Kronstadt and you will be brought closer to Russia’s history than ever before. Evidence of the town’s vital role in the development of the whole country can be seen at every turn, and around 300 historical sites, including monuments, fortresses and the famous Naval Cathedral now serve as a reminder of how the town has helped to shape modern Russia!

This small town in the Gulf of Finland has played an important part in almost every conflict and rebellion, from the distant past right up to recent times. With the help of your knowledgeable guide, you will delve deep into the town’s past to uncover its intriguing and complex history.

Kronstadt is a wonderful place to visit when you feel overwhelmed by the pace of central St. Petersburg. The island is a peaceful oasis of wide open spaces, clean air and stunning sea views, so as you make your way around, relax and enjoy the calm atmosphere and unusual scenery.

During your excursion, you will visit the Naval Cathedral, one of the grandest and most impressively detailed buildings in the area. Following this, you will make your way by boat to the atmospheric Форт Константин (Konstantin Fort), where you will discover yet more of the town’s incredible past.

Kronstadt is one place you absolutely shouldn’t miss during your time in St. Petersburg, so sign up for the trip and take the chance to explore this beautiful town at the heart of Russia’s history.

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