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So, I finally get onto my favourite topic! Before I came out to Moscow I was really excited about immersing myself in the electronic music scene out here. And some of my best experiences on my trip so far have been in clubs, listening to Russian DJs or meeting Muscovites out having a good time on the weekend.

If anyone coming out Moscow is a house or techno fan then they need not fear a cultural desert. Indeed, the scene in Moscow is developing rapidly with great artists from around the world coming to play in Moscow as well as some amazing new acts coming from Moscow itself. Here are some of the places and DJs that I have enjoyed the most in Moscow.

The first night I went to into Moscow was at Rodnya Studios. This great club is in the east of the city with the nearest metro station being Chkalovksy. I turned up at around midnight (early for Russian partygoers!) and met some really nice locals who helped me navigate my way to the club. I met Sergei, a boxing coach, who was eager to practice his English while I also got to practice my Russian.

The club itself had a great balcony where you could watch the sunrise (if you can’t make it that far!). The club had booked Terry Lee Brown and The Timewriter, two legendary German tech-house producers, and had the crowd enjoying themselves all evening.

Last weekend I attended Gate Festival which was held at Gazgolder in the young and trendy Arma area. Right next to Kursksaya metro station, this area has lots of shops, bars and restaurants and is great place to relax on a sunny day. The festival began on Friday night at 11pm and continued on until Sunday at 11pm with great weather the whole way through.

Any stereotypes of Russia or Russians being gloomy was quickly dispelled as the sun shone and happy, young Russians enjoyed some great music. There was an array of established foreign artists like Nick Hoppner and Praslea combined with burgeoning Russian DJs and live acts. Nikita Zabelin, a formative figure in the Russian techno scene, played an early morning set while Sofia Rodina also delivered some great tunes. The festival was really well organised and the crowd were excellent.

This weekend I will head to ‘Nauka I Iskusstvo’ (Science and Art) to hear more of Moscow’s finest. Meeting fascinating people and listening to amazing Russian music has definitely been a highlight of my trip. I would encourage anyone interested in electronic music to check out the scene in Moscow – who knows what you might discover!




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