Russian farewell – До свидания!

After five wonderful weeks in Moscow it is now time to return to London! The past weeks have exceeded all my expectations and Moscow has definitely become one of my favourite cities.

Before I came to Moscow I had the apprehensions that many other students do like while my Russian improve or who will I make friends with? All these worries were quickly resolved. After classes from 10-2 every day and speaking Russian on the street my language quickly improved, especially my listening ability, and I felt much comfortable with pronunciations and speaking then I had after two years of university learning! I really enjoyed my time in the Liden & Denz classes. Initially the idea of speaking Russian through the entire class was daunting but it soon became comfortable and very helpful.

I met many of my friends in Moscow at the school and it became a great base for socialising. With a Liden & Denz WhatsApp group functioning it meant we could all meet up during the week for dinner or maybe some vodka on the weekend!

Writing these blog posts has also been a really rewarding experience. In my quest for new topics I had to go out and explore different area of the city and quirky little features of Moscow’s cultural and social life.

Some of my favourite experiences included climbing in Skalatoria and exploring the best bars in Moscow. In my final week, I showed my parents around the city and got to try some great food and show me off Russian. Perhaps the best thing for me has been exploring the Moscow club scene. I have met some really great people in clubs like Rodnya Studios, Gazgolder and Rabitza and is definitely a part of contemporary Russian culture that I want to revisit.

I was very fortunate to have great weather throughout my time here which showed off the full beauty and energy of Moscow in the summer. I can’t wait to come back in winter and experience a whole different side of the city.




This post was brought to by Tom, currently studying at Liden & Denz.


Posted by Tom Sayner

Hi! I'm Tom and i'll be interning at Liden & Denz until the end of August, talking about the food, galleries, bars and events of Moscow!

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