The Riga Opera Festival

17 May, 2015

The Riga Opera Festival has been taking place for 18 years now, and it has become a cherished tradition for many opera aficionados from Latvia and abroad. The event takes place at the Latvian National Opera House and starts June 5th and ends June 18th, and tickets have been for sale since January. Many performances that will take place on the first days of the festival will be dedicated to a great Italian composer – Giacomo Puccini. But you will also have the opportunity to see some of the brightest Latvian and international opera stars on stage, like Maija Kovaļevska, Liene Kinča, Egils Siliņš, Hiromi Omura, Dmytro Popov, Murat Karahan, Eric Fennell, Kosma Ranuer.

If you are not so interested in attending the opera performances, you should still visit the Latvian National Opera House to look at this architectural masterpiece of the 19th century. You can go on different kinds of tours: backstage tours, summer tours, and a special lecture tour given by the musicologist Mikus Čeže, where you will learn a lot about Richard Wagner when he lived in Riga.

Please click here if you want to see the program for the upcoming months.

I hope you visit the LNO and let us know how it was!

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