Financial assistant: St.Petersburg, Moscow

27 March, 2012

This position is open to those who want to gain an experience in accounting, taxation, finance, business consulting or foreign-economic activity. Main Duties:

  1. Interaction with banks and other financial organizations
  2. Working with documents
  3. Maintaining of database
  4. Writing letters to partners, working with suppliers / clients
  5. Reporting


  • General requirements: higher or incomplete higher education, in the sphere of accounting / economics / foreign trade activities, import/export.
  • Russian language level and usage:  B1/В1+, good understanding of oral and written Russian. Communication with Russian colleagues, interaction with different organizations.
  • Working hours: full time, 8 hours / day + 1 hour lunch break.
  • Minimum age: 20
  • Possible duration: 1-3 months

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