Find the best spot for Aлые паруса

23 June, 2014

For every student, it is the most important festival of the year and if you want to know everything about the story, please read this post of Jade.

As a keen photographer it was my goal to be in a good spot and have a fantastic view over the center. Needless to say, standing with thousands of other people along the embankment is not really what I had in mind. I wanted to be on the top! It was not the first time my girlfriend and I were “roofing” and so we checked vkontakte for someone who would bring us on a roof. After some text messages, meeting the wrong guy, changing the meeting point a few times, losing half of the group, running after our guide, listening to a yelling babushka, going up eight floors, climbing to the ninth floor in the dark and finding the open window to the roof, we were finally standing on the top. What a view, on the left Peter & Paul fortress, in the middle the Hermitage and Issac Cathedral and on the right the open Troitskiy Most. The show could start, we were ready.

Now, a tin roof is not really a stable place for taking long exposure pictures and when about 70 people are walking around it feels like an earthquake. However, my tripod was set up and my camera with a remote control ready. For all photo enthusiasts, this is how I set up my camera: shutter speed 1 second, F5.6, ISO 250 with a 24-70mm lens, manual focus. Occasionally, I changed the lens to a 70-200mm to get a closer image of the boat. On the tripod I hung our backpack to have it a bit more stability. I kept shooting during the whole show and came home with over 250 pictures, many were out of focus because of the vibrations on the roof but that’s why we keep shooting. Some of the best I would like to share with you.

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