29 December, 2015

A very common method when you are learning a new language is the use of flashcards that help you to memorize or associate a word with an image and find it in your own language. The method is better known as Karteikarten in German.

From a personal point of view, a better way to forget about grammar difficulties and the stressed that sometimes you are not being understood, you can take a pencil or a pen and write into paper squares some useful words in the language you are studying, then behind it it’s meaning in your native language or feel yourself creative and draw an item related or that indicates its meaning.

When I started to learn Russian, I bought a small notebook that came inside a little box, so every time I was learning or memorizing new words, I used to put them inside the box and change them after a week, in order to have wider vocabulary.

For most of the students, it seems to be a boring system; nevertheless if you are patient you will see the results at the end. The most important fact is not to saturate your memory with excessive information. I recommend you to buy the items in a place called Bukvoed (Вуквоед), not very hard to find in St. Petersburg, there are many of them along Nevskii Prospekt (Невский Проспект).

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