Latvian Food Tasting Tour – book now!

16 July, 2015

In this gastronomical tour you will be given the opportunity to try traditional Latvian food. A local foodie will guide you through the Riga Central Market and show you all the Latvian delicacies and specialties. You will also get to know the Riga Central Market, if you haven’t done so already. This market is enormous with more than 3000 stands and five pavilions: meat, fish, vegetable, gastronomy and dairy pavilions.

The tour takes 2 hours to complete and there is a fixed price, which included tasting all the goodies you can get your hands on. Everything from smoked meats, different pickled vegetables, Latvian breads.

And if you are staying for a few more days in Latvia, your food guide will also advise you on where to eat during your stay.

If you go alone to this event, the price per person is EUR 60.00. But if you bring a friend, the price per person will decrease to EUR 35.00, and decreases even further the more people you bring.


To know more about it and to book it, please visit this website:

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