Курсы иностранных языков

Free interactive tours for Liden & Denz students!

24 June, 2015

Yesterday we were lucky enough to pilot the new Liden & Denz free interactive tours!

These tours will take place every other Tuesday and are a great chance to get to know a new side of St. Petersburg while improving your Russian.

Along with our knowledgeable guide and teacher, Antonina, we went on an interactive quest around the local area to learn about the peculiarities of central St. Petersburg. Each student receives a list of questions about particular sights in the area (in Russian!) and has a chance to guess the answers. It’s a great informal way to practice your spoken Russian outside of the classroom setting.


While this tour is excellent for new students getting to know the local sights, even those who have been here for awhile will certainly learn something new! The questions cover the history of St. Petersburg as well as its famous inhabitants and legends.

Curious to learn more about the city? You’re in luck — the next tour will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 30. Go ahead and sign up at the reception desk — adventure awaits!

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