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Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum

11 August, 2015

During World War II, the Gatchina Palace was severely damaged and had to be reconstructed. Years later the different rooms became available to visitors, such as the Anteroom, The Marble Dining Room, Paul’s Throne Room.

In Gatchina District you can go to museums like the “House of A.S. Pushkin’s Nanny”, “Suida”, “Rozhdestveno”, “Station Masterhouse”, and “Museum of Isaac Schwartz”. Also, go to: gatchinapalace.ru/en/events/?ED=1 you can see the temporary exhibitions available.

The beautiful Gatchina park is definitely one to put in your checklist of things to see in Saint Petersburg.

But do not forget to also visit the Priory Palace – Gatchina’s architectural landmark conceived by the architect Nikolay Lvov. Lvov was not just an architect, though. He was also an engineer, an inventor, poet, musician, pyrotechnician, historian, composer, painter and geologist!

And if you love going to acoustic concerts, these are regularly available at the capella.

Unfortunately you have missed it this year, but there is an annual event happening in July called the Night of Music Festival. It is an open air event taking place by Gatchina Palace that attracts over 15 000 people every year. It appears to be one of the most incredible open air events held in Russia, and it starts late at night and going until almost 04h00! Like this you get to explore Gatchina during the day and end the evening listening to classical music.

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