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14 January, 2016

Go abroad is the name of an international website that gives the opportunity to find job, internships, volunteer and study overseas. This is a very valuable experience for your future, since now the job market became more demanding; the more you know foreign languages or the more experience you have, the more possibilities you have to be chosen by a recognized enterprise.

Nowadays, there are more chances to find payed internships, that help the student with his or her personal expenses, some of them can last for a year but most of them offer a minimum period of three months. On the website you will see the options that are given for each program, and you can find language schools as well. Now, I’ll explain you how to find internships in Russia; click on the intern abroad option, then choose the country you are interested in, besides it is an option that allows you to choose the field you want to work on, if you select linguistics, right away you will see that our school Liden & Denz is the first one on the list. Or if you prefer you can check it out right on the school’s website.

I’m giving you this advice, in order to explore your options and not being limited; however, I must tell you that the school has a very good program for their interns, with group lessons everyday and after you work there half day. The advantage is that you have the chance to improve your Russian.

If you are a regular student, I recommend you to apply just like I did. If you have certain doubts about it, you can send an email or simply check the previous interns reviews.

Good luck and share with us your opinion!

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