A good-bye and a 10 must-do-things-list!

A good-bye and a 10 must-do-things-list!
29 August, 2014

Dear all, as sadly all good things in life eventually come to an end, so has my time in Saint Petersburg and at Liden & Denz. It is difficult for me to wrap up my experience in a few words: my time here was so intense that sometimes I feel that I have been here for ages and other times I feel as if this all has been just a midsummer night’s dream.

I have lived for two months in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. When I arrived, in late June, it was love as first sight. The city looked majestic and sad, with grey skies and thin rains. I felt that it suited my mood back then. Weather would change soon, clouds and rain given away to the blazing heat of July and early August. Now that it is rainy again it feels as if a cycle has been completed, and it seems just right.

I have studied every morning that beautiful language that is Russian, filled my ears with its sounds and my head with its tough grammar. Sometimes in the class my mind would start wandering off from the Russian dative, dragged by the lack of sleep that my excitement for Piter’s nightlife has imposed me. Thankfully, two amazing teachers were always there to take me back on the Russian cases with a smile. Thank you, Nikita and Alina, for the patience and passion that you put in teaching: my Russian skills are indebted to you!

Interning at the school in the afternoon has proven to be another highlight of my time here. Writing for this blog has kept me on top of whatever interesting was happening in Saint Petersburg, Moscow or Riga, trained my writing skills and taught me a good deal about Russian culture and history. Since human relationships at least as important as the job itself, I would like to thank my supervisor, Alexandra, for being always so approacheable and supportive.

And finally, Russia itself. The biggest country on earth is full of wonders, not the least its people. I made amazing friends friends here and established relationships which I truly hope that I will carry on later in my life.

To say bye-bye to you, I would like to present you a decalog of things that you should really do before you leave:

  1. Take a shot of boyarski
  2. Watch a bridge opening at night
  3. Sing a cheesy song at karaoke in Poison (Dumskaya ulitsa)
  4. Eat pelemeni with smetana
  5. Have a beer at sunset at Mars Fields
  6. Talk up a random stranger in Fidel (Dumskaya ulitsa)
  7. After a night of hardcore partying, have a morning burger at City Grill (Kanal Griboyedova 18-20)
  8. Take a photo with a (fake) bear
  9. Survive the Vodka Party at Liden & Denz
  10. Speak Russian with Russians outside of class, with confidence, no matter what your level is

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