Goodbye Saint Petersburg

Goodbye Saint Petersburg
19 August, 2019

Well, it is the end of my 6 weeks here at Liden & Denz Saint Petersburg, and all I can say is how amazing it has been. This was not my first trip to Russia, and it definitely will not be my last. After this week I get to spend another 6 days here, and then I fly back home to Canada for a couple of days before I have to go back to the US to do the last in-class semester of my master’s degree. After this semester, I have to do another internship and I am hoping to do that internship in Russia as well. This internship has definitely been more than beneficial for me. Not only have I improved my Russian, but I’ve also been able to improve my writing abilities.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Saint Petersburg, although the weather could have been better. Never go anywhere in Saint Petersburg without an umbrella. I got to enjoy and experience one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This was my second time here, and so this time I tried to do all the things I did not do my first visit. This time around I visited Vyborg, Priozersk, Etagi, the Faberge Museum, I went inside St. Isaac’s Cathedral (I know I know, how could I have not done that the first time?), driving a car in Russia, and did a roof excursion. I was also able to do some of the things I really enjoyed again, like eat khachapuri, see a ballet at the Mariinsky theatre, visit Petergof, Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, Kazan Cathedral, Smolny, and eat more khachapuri.

The classes at Liden & Denz were incredibly useful. I can definitely feel that my Russian language abilities have greatly improved. The classes were informative, fun, and interactive. The location of the school is also very convenient, just a short walk from Mayakovskaya Metro Station. I was living in an AirBnB quite far away, but even so it was very simple to get to Liden & Denz. The whole atmosphere at Liden & Denz is very comfortable, welcoming, and laid back. Everyone is willing to help you with anything.

I was disappointed when I did not have the opportunity to visit Saint Petersburg this past fall/winter when I was studying in Moscow. It is such a magical city, and a truly unique one at that. I want to thank Liden & Denz for giving me the chance, and excuse, to visit Saint Petersburg and once again experience the city.

It truly has been a wonderful experience, and I hope I can visit again soon.

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