Congratulations to all!

06 September, 2015

As summer comes to an end, it is time for many students from Liden&Denz to go back to work, to university… For some, direction Rome or Verona, Frankfurt or Madrid. Some are going back to the small island of Ischia. What a contrast after a bustling city like Moscow!

After their last few hours of lessons, we were all invited to celebrate their progress at a little “graduation ceremony”. In total, more than 10 students received their diplomas, from A1 to B2.

After the different teachers’ warm congratulations, it was time for the students’ words of thanks. All were more than happy with their experience at Liden&Denz and most definitely succumbed to Moscow’s charm. Though they have not yet left, they have already expressed the desire to come back!

Thankfully, most are leaving on Sunday so they will have the opportunity to enjoy Moscow in festive spirits with this special weekend coming up.

We wish them all success, especially in their learning of the Russian language!

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