Guide to Russian Typography. Part 1: Deciphering Cyrillic

Guide to Russian Typography. Part 1: Deciphering Cyrillic
17 March, 2017

Do you ever get confused when you see a new Russian font? Do you think that Russian cursive is impossible to read? Fear not! This video will demystify even the most difficult Russian font styles, brought to you by Liden & Denz intern Ryan Gourley. From serif and sans-serif to handwritten and italic styles, Ryan will guide you through the world of Russian typography.

Posted by Tilly Hicklin

My name is Tilly, and I am an intern and Russian language student at Liden & Denz in St. Petersburg. I am on my year abroad from the University of Bristol, where I study in England. My main interests are art, literature and history and I also love to travel. I look forward to telling you all about my time in St. Petersburg!

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