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Hello from Liden & Denz Saint Petersburg!

23 February, 2021

Hello from Liden & Denz Saint Petersburg!

For the upcoming  4 weeks I will be a new blogger for Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg. I am very happy that I am back in Russia and excited to further develop my Russian language skills! 

In Amsterdam, where I live, and in the Netherlands in general, unfortunately due to Covid-19 all stores, bars, museums and everything else is closed for more than 5 months already! Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to see that in Russia everything is more or less slowly returning back to normal. My flight arrived at night, and when the taxi driver dropped me off from my window I saw a lot of people who were just having a good time in cafes. Fantastic to see, because I actually almost forgot what it looked like seeing so many people together!

You might be wondering: how is a girl from the Netherlands able to travel to Russia? You’re right, the borders with Russia are unfortunately still closed for most foreigner. However, my mother was born and raised in Moscow, so through her I am always able to get a visa. It is actually also the reason why I decided to learn the Russian language: so I can speak with my mother in her mother tongue!

I am looking forward to just going to a store, not having to be home before 9 PM like in the Netherlands and drink coffee in a café. Also, I am excited to continue with my Russian classes at Liden & Denz. I started taking Russian classes in January last year, and because of the pandemic I had to fly out of Russia and continue my classes online. It was amazing how quick Liden & Denz adapted to an online regime. But, writing this first post from an actual classroom is also quite nice to be honest.

One more thing! If you read this and happen to be in Saint Petersburg as well, feel free to write me a message on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/iris.schut.98). I would be more than happy to meet up with you!

Iris, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz Saint Petersburg

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