Hello post from Allison Heitmiller

12 January, 2015

Hello everyone!

My name is Allison and I am the new editorial assistant at Liden & Denz. For the next month I will be writing about Russian culture, life, and events, with a focus on St.Petersburg.

Let me introduce myself! I am 21 years old and I am from the United States. In December I graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a major in International Relations. Within my degree I focused on history as well as cultural and political relations between the United States, Western Europe, and Russia.

My real passion is basically anything Russian! A couple of years ago I took a Soviet history course and I have been hooked every since. Additionally my best friend is Russian, and I always look forward to celebrating the New Year with her and her family. My interest in Russia only grows as I learn and experience more. So far my time in St.Petersburg has been spent walking the streets Достое́вский (Dostoevsky) wrote about, eating delicious Russian food, and trying to get the scoop on what St.Petersburg life is really all about.

I am very excited to write for you! If you have any suggestions regarding you would like to learn or know more about please contact me. Together we will spend the next month learning about the beautiful, mysterious land that is Russia.

Спасибо всем!

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