Hello post from Julia Manoschkin

09 August, 2016

Hello people!

I am Julia, 23, born in Germany but raised by Russian parents. So, my roots include two totally different mentalities and I love it! Currently, I am not only studying Russian at the Liden & Denz Language Centre St. Petersburg and but also am I a new intern in the field of Marketing and Editorial. I enjoy the great working atmosphere and the magic of the city during my free time. It is my second stay in St Petersburg – I have been here for 5 months before and I don’t think I have explored enough during my semester abroad!

I totally fell in love with the beautiful architecture, the incredible good food, the exciting night life and the many options for weekend trips. It is hard to describe but the city vibes make you want to stay up late and completely forget about sleep (which is overrated, anyways, right?). I even got used to the weather conditions. You start to appreciate the happy moments of sunny days and learn how to dance in the rain!

Excited to be back, I am looking forward to more weeks living the Russian way of life!

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