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Hello post from Manuela

18 November, 2014

Hi everybody, my name is Manuela, and I am a new intern here at Liden&Denz in St. Petersburg and I will be with you for the next 4 weeks!

Let me introduce myself: I am 26 years old, I am Italian and am руссист, that is I am a really passionate about Russia in whole its beauty. My dear flatmates and my group at lessons may have already noticed how much I am in love with Russian language, art and history: just come to me and tell me that you were at the Мариинский театр  (Mariinskij theatre) and that you saw Russian ballet Лебединое озеро (The Swan lake), and you will see me almost jumping from my chair and starting to ask questions, so that I will gather all the information necessary for me to go there too and not to miss this experience -If you are a руссист too, you will probably know what I mean or, if your are not a руссист yet,  I am sure that studying at Liden&Denz and living in Petersburg will make you understand better 🙂

As a matter of fact, Russian culture is a sort of recent “hobby”: I first got in touch with all of it at the university, through books and the stories reported by my fellow students, who, to my great envy, had the chance to visit Russia. Unfortunately during my studies I could not share this experience, but now I am trying to regain lost time. After one month in Moscow, I will stay in Petersburg for one more month with our school Liden&Denz which gave me the great possibility to both study and work together.

So during the next 4 weeks, I will write about this marvellous city, so that we will discover together its own “достопримечательности” (how Russians call the major sights of a city), the events that will take place in St. Petersburg and surroundings and any other subject connceted with the Russian world. By the way, if you have any particular topic or a particular event in St. Petersburg that you would like to investigate, feel free to contact me – I think that we can learn from each other a lot!

so, see you soon on this blog!

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