Hello post from Sandra Marx

07 September, 2015

My name is Sandra Marx and I am the new Social Media Assistant at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg. For the next two months I have the exciting and challenging task to keep the social media presence of Liden & Denz updated and informative for current and soon-to-be students.

I live in a small city in Austria close to Vienna and I study International Economics focused on Eastern Europe at the University of Applied Sciences in Eisenstadt. I decided to spealize in Russian studies because I was always fascinated by their culture, their magnificent cities and obviously the language (adding the cyrillic alphabet to your skill set is just super cool). Furthermore, I am convinced that improving my russian will be very helpful for my future employment in the economic sector as it as a remarkable and resourceful country. I have been learning russian for almost two years now and it is great to see daily progress since my stay here.

I enjoy every single day in this beautiful and unique city and I am looking forward to share my experiences and impressions with you.

До встречи!

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