Houses of writers in St. Petersburg

02 October, 2013

St. Petersburg has always been the frame or the subject of a lot of literary works. Many authors lived there, and nowadays, literary museums are often located in their houses.

Pushkin’s memorial apartment (Музей-Квартира Пушкина) on the bank of the river Moika stands today as the city’s most popular literary museum. This was the apartment where the poet spent the last two years of his life, and where he also died after being shot in a duel. The house has been carefully preserved, and now hosts many literary and historical exhibitions.

Another important literary mansion is Nabokov House (Дом Набокова) on Great Morskaya Street. This is the house where he was born, and he carefully describes it in his autobiography, after having emigrated to America. The museum does not only houses exhibits about Nabokov’s life and milieu, but also a number of events inspired by the writer: lectures, conferences, readings and an international Nabokov summer school.

Unlike Nabokov, Anna Akhmatova (Анна Ахматова) spent all her life in Russia, and a wing of the Fontanka House (Фонтанный Дом) was her St. Petersburg residence. This part of the building hosts a museum dedicated to the poetess, while the rest of the building is now St. Petersburg Museum of Music.

Fyodor Dostoevsky (Фёдор Достоевский) was from Moscow, but spent the majority of his life in St. Petersburg, always renting apartments. His last one was in Kuznechny Lane, and he wrote there his masterpiece The Brothers Karamazov. Nowadays, the house hosts the Dostoevsky Museum (Достоевский Музей), and it includes a reconstruction of the apartment, different exhibits and a theatre.

Make sure not to miss all the literary jewels that St. Petersburg has to offer. If you are a fan of literature, this is one of the best ways to merge into the creative atmosphere of the city.

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