Ice Hockey World Championship : already three victories for Russia!

14 May, 2014

From 9 to 25 May 2014 is held in Minsk (Belarus) the Ice Hockey World Championship (and already the 78th one !). 16 teams (the Elite group), are divided into two groups of eight (A and B). Russia is part of group B with Finland, the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. During the preliminary round ,which serves to qualify for the quarterfinals, Russia has shown that it is one of the best teams in the world (ranked fourth, behind Canada, Finland and Sweden according to Federation international ice Hockey rankings – IIHF).

Indeed, last May 9, it completely flew over the match against Switzerland (7th World) winning 5-0! Then on May 11, it won 4-2 against Finland, and May 12, 6-1 against the United States (5th World)! It now holds the first position in the ranking of group B and is for now qualified for the quarter-final!

Follow and support the Russian team in its next games: May 14 against Kazakhstan, May 17 against Latvia, May 18 against Germany and May 20 against Belarus. Even if you’re not a fan or connoisseur of Ice Hockey, this is a good opportunity to be interested!

For the records,  Team is nicknamed the “Большая Красная Машина” (the big red machine) !


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