Ice skating rinks in Moscow

Ice skating rinks in Moscow
06 December, 2019

During the winter time the thought of going outside in the cold might prevent you from leaving your cosy and warm bed. But don’t worry, one remedy for the winter blues is ice skating. This activity will not only get your blood pumping but is also a good way to stimulate your muscles. So get out of bed and head to one of the amazing ice rinks in the Russian capital.


Red Square

The ice skating rink in the heart of Moscow has become an attraction during the winter time. A view on the Kremlin, the Saint Basils’s Cathedral and the GUM department store creates a wonderful atmosphere and you will definitely have a great time there. Here you can easily combine tourism with leisure activity.

It has an area of 3000 square meters and can hold 450 people at once. From 30th November to 1st of March it is opened daily from 10am until 12pm. One skating session lasts an hour followed by a 30 minute break which is used to clean the ice.

If you are planning to rent some skates you will either have to leave a deposit of 2000 rubles, your driver’s license or passport.

Metro station: Teatralnaya, Okhotny Ryad, Ploschad Revolyutsii

GUM skating rink; taken from:


Patriarch’s Pond

This area of Moscow is mainly known for its famous residents Mikhail Bulgakov and Leo Tolstoi. The latter used to take his daughter to the ice rink there. As this rink is on a real pond and therefore not artifical it will only be open when the temperatures are low enough. If you ever get the chance to skate on the pond while viewing some of Moscow’s most beautiful buildings you should definitely do it! Another plus, if you have your own skates with you don’t have to pay any entrance fee.

Metro station: Mayakovskaya

Patriarchs Ponds skating rink; taken from:



The ice rank at VDNkh has been featured in the Guinness Record Book as the biggest skating rink in Russia. The area with an incredible 20.500 square meters offers everything you could possibly need, from the wide skating racks to changing rooms and locker rooms. The shape of the rink resembles a giant key which stretches from the 1st pavilion to the 58th pavilion.

Last year it was closed due to renovations but this year the VDNkh park is celebrating its 80th birthday. In addition to the rink you will find exhibitions, interactive performances as well as wonderful Christmas decorations.

The ice skating rink is divided into three areas. First, there is the are for the general public, then an area for children aged 3-8 and last but not least an own area which is called the “Alley of lovers”. The VDNkh rink can hold up to 4500 people and is opened daily except on Mondays from 11am to 11pm. On the weekends and holidays from 10am to 11pm. There is a technical break from 15-17pm. If you buy your ticket online it will cost you 330 rubles and 350 rubles if you buy it at the rink.

If you would rather enjoy the view without skating on the ice there is an own pedestrian bridge from where you can take in the scenery and look at the many pavilions and fountains.

Metro station: VDNkh

VDNkh skating rink; taken from:

Gorky Park

Probably Moscow’s best-known skating rink is located in Gorky Park. The rink is opened every day except on Mondays. If you decide to go there it will feel like you’re taking a walk through the park but instead you are wearing skates. Gorky Park offers a massive light installation and there are even lights under the ice. To make it convenient as possible for ice skaters there are even some cafes that can be visited without requiring you to take off your shoes.

The ice skating rink even offers a special service called “First time on ice” for those who have never went ice skating before. If you’ve never been on the ice, this is your sign!

The prices on the weekdays are 200 rubles for a day time session or 300 rubles for the evening session. On the weekend and on holidays the prices are 400 or 550 rubles for adults.

Metro station: Park Kultury

Park Gorky skating rink; taken from:


Sokolniki Park

If you are a fan of dancing keep the ice-skating rink at the Sokolniki Park in mind. The rinks main attraction is the giant spinning disco ball. It is known as Moscow’s first musical rink and is located in the park’s Festival Square. Sokolniki park is located about 20 minutes away from the city centre.

Metro station: Sokolniki

Sokolniki skating rink; taken from:




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