Привет from new intern Stephen!

Hello, my name is Stephen and I recently joined as a new intern for the Moscow centre of Liden & Denz. A question I frequently hear is: Why Russia? Why Moscow?

Although I’ve been to Moscow once before, I still consider myself very new to the City and I still look forward to exploring Moscow in greater detail. In particular, I would like to check out those areas off the beaten track and visit the non touristic parts. In other words, so far as possible, I’d like to think and live like a Russian.

However, and bearing in mind that Rome was not built in a day, my proficiency in the Russian language at best, at the novice level. Adding another language to my repertoire would hopefully benefit my career prospects over the longer term. I’m up for the challenge!

Being born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, my hobbies include that of reading, writing, travelling, gaming (when I get some time!) exercise and football. Football is probably one of my biggest passions. My educational background is that of business enterprise and management. Through previous work I’ve been able to travel over the past number of years and I’ve been fortunate to meet people from a diverse set of backgrounds. As a result, it’s created within me a feeling of wanting to immerse myself within a new culture and to learn a new language. Therefore I picked Russia. Why? Simply because I believe Russia to be misunderstood, certainly from the part of the world where I come from, and I want to experience first hand the true side of Russia. I’ve always had a penchant towards Russia which dates back to my early school days, probably due to the literary geniuses Russia has produced. I’m eager to see what this opportunity can lead to.

Спасибо за внимание!

Stephen Gallacher

Posted by Stephen Gallacher

Hi, I'm Stephen and currently an intern in the Moscow centre of Liden & Denz. Join me on my journey discovering Moscow and my attempts at learning Russian!

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