International Children’s Day

International Children’s Day
02 June, 2014

Children’s Day is recognised globally as a day to honour children, and is often called International Day for Protection of Children.

Celebrated on the 1st of June since 1950, it was established by the Women’s International Democratic Federation in Moscow.

According to the recent census, there are more than 26 million children in Russia and to celebrate all these children, Moscow and St Petersburg put on several events, with Moscow hosting more than 300!

The metro played songs from popular cartoons and there were free scoops of ice cream available from the 1.5m high Ice Torch near the Kremlin!

The Kremlin website reported that Vladmir Putin will award the Order “Parent Glory” to parents of large families: parents and adoptive parents who are raising seven or more children and set an example to the institution of family were rewarded.

Mr Putin also attended the festival “From Sports to the Olympic Family Victory” in Sochi, which promoted sports, a healthy lifestyle and love of exercise to families.

While Children’s Day is a day to celebrate children for who they are, cities in Russia did not forget that it’s also about bringing awareness to children around the globe who are struggling with their lack of access to education, basic human rights and terrible living conditions. As such, many charity events took place across the country to raise money for those children in Russia who need our help.


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