Way to Celebrate International Teachers Day!

04 October, 2013

Way to Celebrate International Teachers Day

Every year Teachers Day is celebrated on October 5th. People around the world spend the day celebrating and appreciating teachers for the vital role they play in society. In Russia, the holiday is observed by the country’s more than one million high school teachers and 350,000 university teachers.

In Russia, teachers day is a public holiday and is marked by a variety of different events and activities. The Russian government uses the occasion to speak about the importance of teachers and award the teacher of the year  the “Crystal Pelican”, which is usually presented by the president in Moscow.

In schools and universities throughout Russia, teachers also take part in activities including dancing, dramatic performances and playing games usually put together by their students as a sign of appreciation for their hard work.

Liden & Denz celebrated the day with sweet cakes and champagne for the teachers in gratitude for their hard work and exceptional teaching abilities.

Don’t forget to show your teachers your appreciation!

This post was brought to you by Steven, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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