Archeological summer camp near Veliky Novgorod

Russian courses and archeology

Liden & Denz offers an authentic and unique experience combining lessons in Russian medieval history with actual excavation work at Staraya Russa, a wealthy medieval town not far from Veliky Novgorod. Our archeological volunteers help a team of Novgorod University to unearth artefacts from the 11th to 15th century!

The excavation sites in and around Novgorod have huge importance for historical researchers as they contain a significant number of written birch barks from a bygone era. Finding written sources in the mud is extremely rare. Not so in Novgorod, where specific geological conditions helped to preserve the birch barks in the mud for centuries.

Camp and lectures

The field work on the site is conducted under the supervision of trained archeologists from the University of Novgorod, who will provide proper training, organise excursions and conduct several lectures on archeology in the specific context of the Republic of Novgorod during and after the reign of Yaroslav the Wise.

Camp lectures focus on those subjects:

  • Archeology as science
  • Methods and organisation of archeological work
  • Rules and regulations at the excavation site
  • Cultural layers and their formation
  • Methods of determining dates of found objects
  • Archeological relics in the Novgorod region and their historical significance (including excursions).
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