Interview with a student – Maxime

Maxime has been studying at Liden & Denz for 1 month now. He’s going to share some of the experiences and insights from his trip so far.


Hi Maxime.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

 I’m 17. I live in the south of France near Marseille, I’m still in high school and want to work in business management


So, why Russian? Have you found it difficult?

I had been studying Spanish for 4 years but I didn’t like it. I wanted something new, something original and something cool. So Russian was the perfect language.

Russian is very difficult but I have really enjoyed learning it anyway. The challenge is part of what makes learning the language such a rich and rewarding experience.


Why did you decide to come to Moscow to study?

I decided to come to Moscow because it is the capital. It is the centre of Russian cultural, economic and political life. I want to visit lots more Russian cities but I thought I would start here.


What are some of your favourite Moscow experiences so far?

I have had some amazing experines so far including appearing on Russian television. Going out to bars, parks and museums with new friends from Liden & Denz has also been great fun. Walking around the powerful streets of central Moscow and seeing the Kremlin and Red Square was fantastic. Being immersed in a culture so different from France has also been a really good learning experience.


Have you enjoyed your time at Liden & Denz?

 I have loved my time at Liden & Denz. The staff have been great and I my Russian has improved a lot. I have made some great new friends and I look forward to continuing my time here.


What are your impressions of the Russian people?

 The impression in Europe of Russians is of very cold and serious people but I have not found this to be the case at all. They have been very kind and generous towards me. But they are definitely different to Europeans. As they used to say, “only a Russian can understand a Russian”


Any tips for anyone coming to study in Moscow?

I recommend before coming to study the basis of Russian and a lot of vocabulary. The most important is the conversation, not the grammar. Once you know the words, you can be understood. Try and learn words for food and transportation as this is what you will need most in day to day life here.


How do you think your Russian will progress in the future? Will you return to Russia soon?

After two years learning Russian I definitely want to continue it. I think it will be a great advantage for me in a future career. I want to go to business school and having Russian will allow me to stand out from the crowd. I am going to study it as hard as I can. I hope to return to Russian as soon as possible. I want to explore St Petersburg and then the rest of this huge country!


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Hi! I'm Tom and i'll be interning at Liden & Denz until the end of August, talking about the food, galleries, bars and events of Moscow!

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