Interview with our student from Germany

Interview with our student from Germany
14 July, 2020

I sat down with Martin from Germany who has spent the past 3 years studying Russian on and off. He has recently passed the TRKI-2 and will tell us about his experience as a student and life in St. Petersburg.

Why did you decide to learn Russian?

I was always interested in the culture, and I liked the sound of the language on the TV show the Americans. I started intensively studying Russian in 2016, first from an app on my phone and then through the school. 

How did you find Liden & Denz?

I wanted to study in a classroom, but I didn’t want to worry about getting a visa. I found the Liden & Denz Riga location and spent a month there. After that, I travelled 4 or 5 times for varying periods to study in St. Petersburg. The teachers are why I keep on coming back; they are the best.

What are you studying in uni?

Tourism, hotel, and event management. I’m thinking about maybe spending some time in Russia after I graduate.

What is it like to be a student at Liden & Denz?

Class is from 10 am to 2 pm daily, but the relationships span outside the classroom. We’ll grab lunch together at local cafes after class and hang out on the weekends and evenings. The teachers are also amazing. I’ve made some lifelong friends during my time at the school.

What are some things about Russia that may surprise foreigners?

When you get to know the locals, they are actually very nice. Winters also don’t feel as cold as people think.

What’s a city people should visit that’s not Moscow or St. Petersburg?

Volgograd or Kazan

What is unique and interesting about your time in St. Petersburg?

They have a great cultural lifestyle. The nights are amazing, and everyone loves poetry and stand up comedy. You have so much stuff to do; there’s always something going on. You can also drive an hour out of the city centre and have a small town/village experience. I recommend visiting a real Russian banya and a dacha if you have a local friend.

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