Grammatica divertente: espressioni idiomatiche coi verbi di moto

Eccoci qui, i verbi di moto, probabilmente il tema più difficile in assoluto in tutta la grammatica russa. Se studiate russo già da abbastanza tempo, avrete probabilmente già incontrato questi verbi così spaventosi. Ma perché gli studenti li temono in questo modo? La parte più difficile dello studio di questi verbi consiste nel fatto che… Continue reading


Met at Liden & Denz – Laura Ha (Germany)

Laura Ha is a 21 year old German doing volunteer work for an NGO and studying Russian with Liden & Denz. Here is her story: What is your current occupation? I’m a volunteer in a German organisation called Action Reconciliation, which was formed after World War II with the idea that Germans should be responsible… Continue reading


Klaustrophobia in Moscow

Discover Moscow quests

Klaustrophobia in Moscow When my Russian host (and close friend) asked me if I wanted to be locked into a room in an unspecified room in Moscow and spend an hour interpreting clues to find the way out I was a little apprehensive. Some gentle persuasion later and I agreed. The challenges, or quests, are… Continue reading