Piccolo dizionario di San Pietroburgo

Vuoi scoprire San Pietroburgo? Allora devi assolutamente conoscere queste parole! Pur essendo relativamente giovane (un’arzilla “signora” di 314 anni), San Pietroburgo è la patria per eccellenza della cultura e della storia. Dai un’occhiata a questo piccolo dizionario di San Pietroburgo e scopri ciò che rende questa fantastica città così unica!   1) Блокада (Assedio) L’assedio… Continue reading


Memrise App – The Garden of Knowledge!

Memrise App

Memrise App – The Garden of Knowledge! I want to introduce you all to Memrise App, a fantastic resource for learning languages online with a revolutionary technique that is scientifically proven to improve your memory! Memrise is completely free and you just have to sign up either through Facebook or by creating a username and… Continue reading


5 Summery Things to Do in St. Petersburg

Anyone keeping track of the articles coming out of the St. Petersburg campus at the moment will realise that we are not being blessed with the best summer weather. As far as sightseeing goes in these circumstances, it’s limited to wandering around museums (like the Erarta museum – a little bit of self-promo never hurt… Continue reading