27 January, 2014

It has been a while since our last Russian language app review, but this week’s is one you won’t want to miss! As usual, the app is totally free on the iphone and will not only help you in Russia, but also just about anywhere you find yourself traveling to. The app is called iTranslate and is much more comprehensive, and useful than most free translator apps out there.

At the moment, the app features 72 different world languages. Not all, but the most common of which, also feature audio pronunciations of the translations. Another great aspect of the app is its simplicity. You can translate from any language to any other one and can switch between languages in just a few clicks.

As far as the translation accuracy goes, I can say that between Russian and English, they are usually reasonably good. It’s important to mention though that it takes a little bit of practice and experimenting to learn the best way to look up some specific words that may have many different meanings, i.e. using the word in a phrase to ensure you get an accurate translation in a particular context.

Advantages: Translates between many combinations of languages, accurate and free

Disadvantages: Only works online, some words need to be translated in context to be accurate


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