Kolomna Pastila museum

11 April, 2014

Usually in a museum, we visit with the eyes. And sometimes, just looking can be boring. But with Kolomna Pastila museum, all your senses are awakened! Let yourself be carried away by the smell and taste of pastila! The place lives and breathes: a living museum to savor! You can visit the old factory and let yourself be seduced by its history. The museum has several theatrical performances during the year and short programs: right now you can attend “Amour in Kolomna » which « deals with love and all stories from Kolomna connected with it. It is also concerned with love language like using a fan, beauty spots, flowers and snuffboxes » (quoted from the website). The theater invites you to discover the history of pastila, its fabric: the performances are interactive and include the viewer. Feel free to sit and listen to “Secrets of the Kolomna Quarter Trading gold Forgotten Things » ! Several events and festivals are also planned all along the year, including the apple festival in September: delicious!

If you like fresh air, the museum has a garden where you can walk around : let your senses escape through the various fruit trees ( thirty species ) and between aromatic and medicinal herbs. A pleasure when you live in the city, surrounded by artificial odours. And it is even better if you like history because you can learn a little more about the history of gardening and end with tea.

What a refreshing break ! And do not forget to bring some tasty souvenirs from the shop !

Finally, you can also take a walk in the city of Kolomna. It is located about 100 miles southeast of Moscow (about 2 hours by bus). It is a charming quaint little town, part of the golden ring. It was also a place of residence for Tsar Ivan the Terrible! You can walk around the remains of the Kremlin, and admire the  Cathedral of the Dormition and the Notre-Dame-of-Tihvin. The city has typical wooden houses and mansions still perfectly preserved! It is a real breath of fresh air for people from Moscow with its large green spaces and waterways!


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