Kostroma Dance Show: from Rus to the USSR

08 July, 2014

If you followed the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia you know that the Opening Ceremony of the Games featured a splendid re-enactment of the history of Russia. I don’t know about you, but I really wish I had been there to see that performance. Yet, if you are lucky enough find yourself in Moscow at the moment, you have the possibility of watching a very interesting and exciting dance show, which might compensate you for missing the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

The Russian National Dance Show, a.k.a. Kostroma, uses the art of ballet to narrate the fascinating history of Russia and the Russian people. It starts with the ancient Rus, their embracement of Christianity, and then moves on to Czarist Russia and the USSR. The show is also a proud display of the variety of the peoples that have home in this immense country. From the Northern Ocean to the Black Sea, from the Caucasus mountains to the Asian steppes, passing through the beautiful Volga and the great Yenisei: Kostroma is also meticulous recreation of Russian folklore.

Kostroma is a well established show, having been on stage, every summer, for now 10 years. The production is big as it involves 50 dancers on stage, 15 reenactments, 10 tons of freights, 600 unique costumes 300 props and 8 set changes. I have checked some reviews on Tripadvisor and the comments were enthusiastic to say the least, ranging from “Brilliant!”, “Incomparable!”,”Wow!” and “Amazing!”.

The Russian National Dance show is surely a good way to delve into Russian history and folklore, without having to read dry museum tags. In addition, you know that ballet is a must-see in this country.

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