Exciting Weekend? Yes! Lake Swimming Near Saint-Petersburg!

18 July, 2014

Exciting Weekend? Yes! Lake Swimming Near Saint-Petersburg!

Feeling hot in Saint-Petersburg? Wishing the Russian summer were cooler, so that you would not arrive sweaty at school in the morning? Why don’t you make the best of the summer heat with a nice trip to the lake, like I did last Sunday?

The place where I went is called Tarkhovka and it is easily reachable from Saint-Petersburg. To get there, I took a train from Finlyandsky vokzal towards Sestroretsk. After about an hour I got off at Tarkhova railway station, and from there it’s a tiny walk amid a few dachas before your feet step on some really fine sand.

The beach is large and long and there are just a few people, so it will be easy for you to find a nice spot where you can settle down. As there is plenty of space where you can play some games, do bring your beach rackets/ball/whatever!

And once you’ve warmed up, you’ll find that the water is just the perfect temperature to cool you down, but not as cold that you don’t want to swim in it. The water level rises really gradually so you can play volleyball even inside the lake.

Tarkhovka is overall a very nice swimming location, and I advise it wholeheartedly. The only downside perhaps is that there is very little shade, which is provided by the sporadic shrubs that grow near the beach. So if you don’t want to end up lobster-coloured like a did last week, bring sunscreen and perhaps even some light clothes to cover you from the sun. If you had a beach umbrella, that’d be perfect.

For more information on how to reach the location and other stuff, check the following link:


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