Student Interview with Lara: Our charming Swiss girl is leaving!

Student Interview with Lara: Our charming Swiss girl is leaving!
07 October, 2016

This is a Student Interview with Lara who is a young Swiss lady at the age of 21. She spent her last two months here at our Liden & Denz language school in Saint Petersburg to improve her Russian skills. I had the chance to get an exciting interview with her to learn more about the experiences that she made here.

Lara, where exactly are you from and what are you doing there?

I live in Allaman next to the Lake Geneva on the French side of Switzerland together with my family. After my graduation, I completed a three-year apprentice ship in the real estate industry and after that, I decided to go to London for one year. There I did an intensive language course with 30 hours a week and I could gain many new experiences.

Wow! That’s nice. And why did you decide to learn Russian?

Well, my mom is Russian and my grandmother lives here in Saint Petersburg. At home, my mother often spoke in her mother tongue with me and I actually understand everything but unfortunately, I have never really learned to speak or to read Russian. In addition, I travel to Saint Petersburg at least once a year since I’m four to see my granny.

You have been here now for 2 months, what did you like best in this time? What are your favorite places in Saint Petersburg?

Honestly, I cannot really say! Since I am four, I come to this city every year and I just love everything. It sounds strange, but I love the cute and delicious restaurants just as well as all the beautiful squares, sights and parks. I could not decide what I like best here.

I see and what would you say are the main differences between Swiss and Russian people?

Hm…that’s hard to say but I think that Russian people are more warm and hospitable. I feel very comfortable here and it’s like home for me.

What experiences did you make with Liden & Denz? Do you think that you have learned a lot more? Did you make a step ahead?

Yeah, I definitely made a big step ahead! Before I came to Saint Petersburg this summer, I couldn’t even read the Cyrillic alphabet and also speaking was very difficult for me. After 2 months now, I can see big improvements regarding my spelling and reading. I don’t stutter that much anymore and I do less grammar mistakes. I dare to speak more than before and I feel much safer.

Amazing! You can be very proud of yourself! What is for you nevertheless the hardest part of the Russian language? Where do you have difficulties?

For me the hardest part was always the Russian grammar and when I have to use which case and ending. I also had difficulties in choosing the right aspects but now I’m already safe there, or I guess that I am!

Well we are almost at the end of our interview. What are your plans now after coming home to your family and to Switzerland?

I am really sad that I have to leave my “second home” now! The time has passed again so quickly and I feel very comfortable here. At the moment, I’m doing something like a gap-year and at home I will continue improving my English, Russian and German skills before I will decide what’s the right job for me in future. Anyway, I had an unforgettable time in Saint Petersburg and I’m happy that my beloved grandmother is going to visit me in Switzerland in a couple of weeks.

I am happy for you Lara and I’m grateful for the nice and interesting interview. I wish you all the best for you future and have a save trip back home. See you maybe again next year!

Thank you so much! 🙂


This interview was conducted by Daniela Danzinger, intern and student at Liden & Denz.

Posted by Daniela Danzinger

Привет everyone. My name is Daniela, I’m 22 years old and I am from Vienna/Austria. I am currently working as "Social Media Content Assistant" at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg. In the course of my economic studies, we have the opportunity to do an internship abroad in the 5th semester and I’ve chosen Russia. I really enjoy the time here!

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