Last-minute shared flat availability August/September

14 July, 2009

Please hurry up to book independent and centrally located accommodation while you are studying Russian with us. Vacancies Moscow

  • from 02/08 till 09/08 – 1 single room
  • from 09/08 till 23/08 – 2 single rooms
  • from 30/08 till 06/09 – 1 single room
  • from 13/09 till 20/09 – 1 single room

And from 30/08 till 06/09 we have one room for a female student in a flat located in the same building where the school is. Vacancies St.Petersburg

  • from 19/07 till 26/07 – 1 single room
  • from 30/08 – 1 single room
  • from 06/09 – 2 single rooms

Information about our apartments are available here. For further information please feel free to contact our booking department at: [email protected]

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