Learn Russian – Free WordPower Language Learning App

11 November, 2014

Learn Russian – Free WordPower by Innovative Language Learning, LLC is one of the most popular Russian language learning apps on iTunes right now. There are many reasons from this, in the free version you will find 100 Russian words which have been selected based on their utility. That is, the words you’re most likely to use, are the words this app focuses on. It provides not only vocabulary, but also audio lessons, and customizable flashcards. In addition to this, it also includes helpful resources which will provide a background in Russian grammar for the beginner. Also, you can save difficult words for easy reference, and track your progress through each of the lessons offered via a useful bar which displays the percentage of the lesson you have completed. The app also has a voice recorder and uses this functionality to help you improve your pronunciation by comparing to recordings from native speakers.

The app does have a few drawbacks however, notably the meager 100 word limit on the free version. While 100 words may be enough to get you started out, it will quickly become apparent that outside of these few easy to use and pick up words, your vocabulary is extremely lacking. However, it is always possible to upgrade to the full version of the app, which offers over 2000 words for you to study. Also, in comparison to Rosetta Stone for example, the pronunciation guide is extremely limited. Finally, in order to access the audio lessons, you must sign up for an in-app podcast, which will of course take up more space on your iPhone.

Overall, I can’t say that the drawbacks to this app make it less desirable for a low level or beginning student of Russian. The fact that the app is free makes it hard to argue against getting it, if you’re looking to expand your Russian outside of your lessons, or have a helpful tool to help you review the basic concepts of Russian grammar. More advanced students may still find value in the app, but likely not unless they pay for the 6 dollar upgrade. If you feel that you need extra help with your Russian, or simply want a tool to help keep it fresh while you are away from your studies, this app appears to be a worthy investment.

If you’re interested in downloading this app, you can find a link to it here, or you can search “Learn Russian – Free WordPower” in the App Store on your iPhone.

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