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Learn Russian at Liden & Denz Irkutsk

Liden & Denz in Irkutsk is located in the historical centre of the Eastern Siberian capital, in a recently renovated landmark building from the 19th century at the corner of Gryaznova ulitsa and ulitsa Karla Marksa.

Never mind the name (Karl Marx) but ulitsa Karla Marksa is undoubtedly the most beautiful street in Irkutsk with its own distinctive spirit. Its construction in the 19th century was inspired by Nevsky Prospekt of St.Petersburg. The Angara River and the monument of Alexander III are within walking distance, as well as, the popular pedestrian zone of the Fashion Block with its restaurants and cafés which now reside within the walls of some of the cities original and historically important wooden houses.

The Dekabristov museums (Trubetskoy and Volkonsky Mansions) are easily accessible by public transport, the nearest bus stop is directly in front of our campus.

Liden & Denz Irkutsk is the perfect starting point for nice long strolls, cultural activities, sightseeing, and even bar hopping.

Our new and spacious six classrooms have all access to natural light and are fully equipped with modern devices together with sound isolation and free wi-fi. There is a lounge area with vending machines for students to relax after studies.

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  • Central location

  • 6 modern classrooms

  • Reception zone with canapés

  • Free WiFi

  • Capacity of 50 students

  • Vending machines

Russian courses in Irkutsk

Our Irkutsk campus operates for group courses only during the following period:
Winter 2019: 4 February - 29 March. Beginner groups start dates: 4 & 18 Feb, 4 & 18 Mar.
Summer 2019: 27 May - 22 September. Beginner groups start dates: 27 May, 10 & 24 June; 8 & 22
July; 5 & 19 Aug; 2 September.
Non-beginner students can start on any Monday.

Groups are small (maximum 8 students per group) and are formed according to results of an assessment test, which is compulsory for all students.
A very important minimum requirement for all group courses is passive knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet.
Individual courses are available throughout the year.


If you have additional questions:

 Standard Group Course

Our teaching method uses no intermediary language: we teach Russian in Russian from day one. This develops an ability to interact in Russian much faster and helps overcome any language barrier. Our communicative approach to teaching makes the educational process an enjoyable and efficient experience. Of course you will learn grammar alongside, but you will do so using new words and language skills adapted to daily situations.

The curriculum is built up like a spiral, where each new level of language acquisition starts with the revision of previously studied grammar constructions, logically connected with different speech patterns. This has two advantages: group newcomers are able to feel involved in the learning process, while continuing students acquire new vocabulary based on previously acquired grammar material.

Each course starts on a Monday and ends on a Friday, with lessons taking place usually between 10:00 and 14:00. The minimum course length is two weeks. One lesson is 50 minutes.

€ 280

per week

2-7 weeks

€ 250

per week

8-11 weeks

€ 235

per week

12+ weeks

Intensive Group Course

If you choose our Intensive Group Course, you will have 20 morning lessons with students following the Standard Group Course and 5 additional lessons, taught on two afternoons. Intensive Group Courses are offered in three different levels:

  • Elementary (A1/A1+)
  • Pre-intermediate (A2/A2+)
  • Intermediate (B1/B1+)

Intensive Group Courses are also available at Upper Intermediate (B2/B2+) and Advanced (C1) levels when there is sufficient demand.

€ 360

per week

2-7 weeks

€ 325

per week

8-11 weeks

€ 300

per week

12+ weeks

Combined course (20 group + 5 one-to-one lessons weekly)

These courses combine our standard Group courses with additional, more focussed study in a variety of business or cultural fields. Students will join a standard group course (20 lessons per week) but receive an additional 5 One-to-One lessons per week tailored to their particular profession. You can add even more One-to-One lessons weekly tailored to your particular profession or area of interest.

€ 430

per week

1-7 weeks

€ 400

per week

8-11 weeks

€ 385

per week

12+ weeks

Individual Russian classes

Our One-to-One Courses are designed for students who require a very focussed area of study. You will be invited to specify your field of interest when completing the online booking form, so that we can pre-select material, establish a study plan and prepare specific vocabulary.

One-to-one courses are available in varying degrees of intensity: 15, 20, 30 or 40 lessons per week. For 30 lessons or more the student is taught by two teachers.

Individual courses will be run from April 2017 and until the end of the year. The minimum course length is one week with each course starting on a Monday and ending on a Friday, though weekend classes can be organised on request.

€ 400

per week

15 lessons

€ 500

per week

20 lessons

€ 700

per week

30 lessons

€ 800

per week

40 lessons

Accommodation in Irkutsk

Felix Baumann
Centre Director

Swiss national Felix Baumann graduated from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) with a Master's degree in German, Russian and anthropology. He has 15 years of experience in teaching foreign languages in Switzerland and Russia. Felix speaks French, German, English, Russian and Spanish.

"Irkutsk is a perfect place to feel the true Siberian spirit. The blend of Russian and Buryat cultures and the beauty of the nearby Baikal lake make Irkutsk a destination worth visiting.”

Liden & Denz Irkutsk Institute

Ul. Gryaznova 1, Irkutsk, Russian Federation
Office hours: Monday – Friday from 08.30 until 19.00

How to find us

From the airport: Take bus number 20. Bus stop: Economic University. From Economic university bus stop: go back 50 meters until the pedestrian crossing. Cross the street and enter the building through the door left from Bierhaus restaurant.

From the railway station: Take bus number 20. Bus stop: Philharmonia. From Philharmonia bus stop: go along Ulitsa Dzerzhinskogo (Dzerzhinsky Street), take third left to Ulitsa Gryaznova (Gryaznova street) go straight to the end (Karl Marx street), turn right and enter the second door on your right (door left from Bierhaus restaurant)