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Learn Russian Phrasebook “Russian Lite” – a good start in Russian language

04 December, 2014

Are you travelling for your first time to Russia and would you like to know at least some survival phrases to get by during your first days of your stay before starting your classes at Liden&Denz? or are you simply a little tired of the traditional methods of memorizing new words and are you interested in perfecting your pronunciation? Then you should consider to learn Russian through an interactive mobile phone app. In particular, today I would like to introduce you to “Russian Lide”, a simple but, in my opinion, effective way to start learning or only to refresh this language.

In this phrasebook you will find essential words and expressions, covering basic topics such as greetings, general conversation, directions and numbers. So you just need to choose a category you would like to learn more about and that’s it: each topic offers a series of words and expressions that may be useful in that specific situation. All expressions are written in English, so that you can think of their translation into Russia and immediately check it by simply clicking on it. In this way you will double check spelling and pronunciation, as each expression is audio recorded by a Russian native speaker. For those who are not familiar with the Cyrillic aphabet yet, a transliteration into Latin letters is provided.

All of that is contained in a well structured and user-friendly interface. Next to each word/expression you will see a heart, which represents a marker of your “favourite” words, referring to the words that you most need to listen and repeat, as they represent a difficulty for you. You can mark with the heart as many words as you need, and you can choose to concentrate only on them, by simply clicking on the heart at the top of the list. Once that you have learned that word and you do not need to focus on it any longer, you can remove it from your “favourite” list, by simply clicking again on the heart next to the word. In addition to that, you can also change the order of the word list, according to your preference and your need to have a specific expression at the top of your list.

Both your favourite list and each category list have also a “play all” function, which allows you to listen the full expressions/words together, without you having to click each time on the singular word. Another way to learn Russian with this app is to use the “search function”, which instantly allows you to find all the expressions that contain that specific word.

Whether you choose to browse phrases by category, to use the search facility or to check your “favourite list”, Russian Lite is for sure a good means if you want to make your self-study more interesting and fun!


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