LEO Dictionary App

23 October, 2013

Today, I would like to highlight one of the applications (which I use on literally a daily basis) with this short review. The app is called simply “LEO” and is the corresponding app for the very useful and comprehensive website dict.leo.org.  I believe students of Russian (especially those who also know German) would find this app extremely helpful while studying or while doing homework.

The app is primarily another dictionary app for German speakers studying Russian. So all the entries are only in German and Russian. However, non German speakers will find the ” Flexionstabelle ” very useful, because, it is the best (and only free app that I know of) which gives you full conjugations of verbs and declensions of nouns in Russian.

If you don’t know German, then you can at least use this app by typing in the Russian word you want and selecting the Flexionstabelle to see the conjugations. Otherwise, if you do know German, then you will also find the translations of the Russian words much more comprehensive than in most other dictionary apps.

I highly recommend this app for everyone despite the limitations.

Pros: Has full conjugations of verbs and declensions of nouns, very good and clear word entries, often times with examples

Cons: Only works online, is only available for German to Russian (and vice versa) translations

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