Liden & Denz brand new school officially opened its doors!

01 June, 2015

Today Liden & Denz brand new school officially opened its doors!

Liden & Denz languange institute warmly welcomed its students in the new building in Italyanskaya 17 (Итальянская 17). The new school is located at the south-eastern edge of the Square of Arts (Площадь Искусств) just two minutes walking from Nevsky Prospekt. The environments and atmosphere couldn’t be more alluring since the new school is surrounded by the Michalovsky Theatre, the Saint Petersurg gosudarstvennyy teatr muzykalnoy komedii, the Komissarjevsky Theatre and the Saint Petersburg Philharmonia.

This morning new and more experienced students got their first introduction from key staff at the new location. Students had already had the opportunity to experience the comforts and benefits of the new location. The classrooms are lighter and brighter with a very modern and functional design, fitted with wooden flooring and glass fronts. Finishing touches will be done during the next couple of days.

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