Liden & Denz Moscow : Alexandre Braun

21 April, 2014

Meet Alexandre Braun (18 years old – Belgium) at Liden & Denz Moscow.
What were you doing in the Belgium?
Before coming here I finished high school and next year I will begin to study in university but I did not choose my speciality yet. I thought that maybe this year would help to find, but no !
Why did you choose to go in Russia ? 
Because I wanted to learn Russian, and the best way to learn a foreign languages is to go to its native country ! I just wanted to learn, no real reasons to begin ! I tried to learn by myself first, but it was quite hard ! That’s why I am here now. I was staying for 6 months !
Do you like your experience at Liden and Denz and in Moscow ? 
You know, for me, first, it was hard, because I am not used to live in a very big city. But it is a really good experience, especially the connexion with the family, with whom I am living in Moscow.
I am really happy to study at Liden and Denz : it is really intensive ( 25 hours per week), but I highly recommend !
Did you go out of Moscow ?
I visited Saint Petersburg, of course, but also the Golden ring, and especially Sergey Possad where I had the occasion to eat Shasliks in the forest ! Saint Petersburg is a really beautiful town, more interesting than Moscow for the architecture but I like Moscow too, in particular its parks !
What were your impressions about Russia and Moscow before you came here ? Do you feel the same now ?
The main stereotype that we have in Belgium is that all Russians are alcoholics  ! But they are not drinking more than everywhere else ! I have to admit I was a bit scared before leaving the country, because a lot of bad things are said about the country, but now I am ok ! Russia is not scary at all (or not worst than an other)!
What was the thing that strikes you the most ?
It can be strange, but it is my Russian teacher Igor ! He is awesome and I think I would remember him for a really long time : he is a really good teacher. I made incredible progresses with him, he is really helpful.
One last word to say to the other students or new ones ?
If you are motivated, do not hesitate, this is a very good experience I am very glad I made it . Well-structured school, I highly recommend with welcoming people and good teachers !

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