Restaurant Lido – Traditional Latvian Cuisine in Riga

10 March, 2015

Restaurant Lido – Traditional Latvian Cuisine in Riga

Restaurant Lido is the most popular restaurant and bistro network in Latvia for its Traditional Latvian Cuisine. Not just international visitors really appreciate it, but locals too. Lido is a chain of restaurants that offer three different solutions to experience Latvian national cuisine. The medieval and intimate interiors with painted walls, make you fell like in a small village of Latvia. The atmosphere is welcoming and cozy and you will find a quality service and really affordable prices. In addition they offer different service: buffet-style restaurants and high quality fast food Bistros and Beer cellars.

Lido was the first catering self-service restaurants in independent Latvia. The company was established during the end of 1980s, at the time of the economic change in USSR, when private entrepreneurs took on the new opportunities offered by the market. So this catering chain developed rapidly and now there are nine Lido restaurants in Latvia and they have already opened other restaurants in Lithuania, Estonia and Germany.

The restaurants and Bistros are spread mainly around Riga and many of them are really well located in the city centre, the old town. In particular you should check Vērmanītis and Dzirnavas Bistros that can offer great variety of traditional Latvian dishes, especially you can chose among a wide range of meat and fish dishes, pasta, pancakes and desserts. There’s also a juice bar with a special selection fruit and vegetables juices and cocktails. In all the restaurants and bistros but especially in the Beer Cellar Alus sēta you can find a great variety of meat dishes pork ribs, pork ears, fresh grilled food as well as fish dishes, in particular smoked fish, various salads and side dishes. Besides you can enjoy the delicious traditional dishes with Lido beers. The catering chain actually owns a mini-brewery in which it produces four type of unfiltered. Then the prices are really appealing, the average cost is about 5-6 euro for a filling meal in bistros and beer cellar, while the restaurants’ buffet is about 15 euro.

At a reasonable distance from the city centre you can find Lido Recreation Centre. Some people actually get to the place by foot in about 30 from the city centre in summer. This is much more than a restaurant it’s a leisure centre, in which they combines Latvian cuisine and entertainments. At Lido recreation center there is an authentic amusement park, then it’s also possible to watch the whole brewing process of Lido beer and enjoy live music everyday.

So, whether you’re visiting Riga for a couple of days or you’re spending more time there for work or studies, you can’t miss the chance of having a taste of Latvian cuisine and atmosphere at such a good price!


This post was brought to you by Jessica, currently studying Russian at Liden & Denz

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

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