Lucky Statues About Town

10 February, 2014

You’ll have spotted many statues around town, but did you know that some of these can bring you luck?

If you want some money or success in your business, you just need to visit the Griffins at the Bank Bridge. The Griffins guard the treasure in the Russian bank and if you make a wish and then kiss the griffins, your wish will come true! Apparently, if you’re really after some financial luck you should come at midnight and stick your hand in one of their mouths and ask very loudly for what you want. You will get some money soon but make sure you give the griffins a coin or two back or else!


At the Hermitage, the ceiling of the entrance is held up diligently by the Atlantes. As the root of their building, if you rub one of their toes, they’ll keep your family safe for you.


Peter and Paul Fortress is worth visiting anyway, but on your quest for luck you definitely need to stop here. If you go into the cathedral square and look left you’ll see the statue of Peter the Great. It’s a modern look for Peter and if you visit him at night, hold his finger and tell him how good he looks now, he’ll grant you luck and success.


Chizhik Pyzhik is by far the cutest statue in St Petersburg. On the corner of the Moika and the Fontanka canal lives this tiny siskin. He’s a monument to the law school students who wore green and yellow coats and who were nicknamed “siskins” because they looked like the angry little birds. If you throw a coin to him and it lands on his perch your wish will come true!

Similar to Chizhik Pyzhik, if you’re on Malaya Sadovaya (which is close to the school!), look up and you’ll see the cats Elisey and Vasilisa. If you’re walking up Malaya Sadovaya from Nevsky Prospect, just look up to your right and Vasilisa will be there! Say hello and toss up a coin: if it lands where they sit, you get to make yet another wish!

Jade Mitchell-Ross is an English student, currently on an internship while studying Russian at Liden & Denz

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