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Making the most of summer in Saint Petersburg

15 June, 2016

Making the most of summer in St. Petersburg

After a particularly rainy patch of weather, it seems that the sun may be coming back into our lives here in Saint Petersburg. Here are some ideas of how to make the most of the warmth, sunshine, and White Nights this summer!

Take a break from the city and head to Lake Ladoga. Only a short train ride from the city, here you can swim and canoe in the freshwater lake and relaxing in the stunning countryside.It is the largest lake in Europe, the 15th largest freshwater lake in the world, and has around 660 islands on it.

Stay up all night and make the most of the unsetting sun. Have a late dinner, and then spend the rest of the seemingly never-ending twilight bar hopping on Dumskaya, or dancing at clubs like Mosaique. There’s something so surreal and fun about walking around in daylight so late and early at night.

Relax in one of Saint Petersburg’s many beautiful parts and green spaces. The stunning Peterhoff fountains are only turned back on again from June onwards, and the perfect day-trip. Take a picnic and have lunch (and some obligatory ice cream!) in the sun. Or if you’re a hay fever sufferer hire a bike and cycle along the embankments for a new interesting way to get to know the city.

Watch the city from the sky. Central St. Petersburg doesn’t have any tall buildings except cathedrals, so if you climb up to the colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral or the Smolny Cathedral you’ll get an amazing view of the flat city.  Or if you’re lucky enough to have an apartment with access to the roof, enjoy drink up there and soak in the summer breeze.

So next time you have a few hours free from slaving away over Russian grammar, or want to have a relaxing weekend making the most of the sun, try doing one of the things on this list during these summer months! And remember to invest in some mosquito repellant.

Elara Shurety is currently studying Russian and interning at Liden & Denz. 

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