MAMM Gallery

Moscow has an increasing number of great art galleries. Galleries from the Tretyakov to the Garage Museum are now world renowned.  The MAMM gallery near ‘Park Kulturi’ station is still relatively unknown among tourists but is gaining an impressive reputation in the city for a high quality and diverse range of multimedia exhibitions.

I went on Tuesday to the exhibition and it was definitely worth the 500rb entry fee. The main exhibition was by an English photographer called Nick Brandt which depicted the effects of human activity on the natural environment.

Other exhibits included a retrospective of Vladimir Bogdanov, an acclaimed Russian photographer, whose works of social realism on the streets of Moscow was very enjoyable. A look at the works of Russian architect Sergey Kuznetsov was a great insight into a fascinating designer.


Further parts focused on Jeanloup Sieff, a fashion designer, while an series of works by the Russian collective Artel Tsar of the Hill.

I would highly recommend this gallery to anyone in Moscow who enjoys modern art and photography.


Posted by Tom Sayner

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