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Master and Margarita at the Baltic Theatre: challenge your Russian

08 August, 2013

If you are curious about Russian literature and want to test your knowledge of Russian, we suggest you to see a performance of Bulgakov’s masterpiece, “The Master and Margarita” (Мастер и Маргарита). The performances will take place on August  13 and 16 at theatre festival Baltic House (Балтийский Дом), in Petrogradskaya Storona (Петроградская Сторона).

“The Master and Margarita” is one of the most loved Russian novels. Mysterious infernal forces always follow those who try to penetrate this immortal text. Readers have always been intrigued by this book full of surprises. In his theatrical version of the book, the director Jonas Vaytkus has shown the evil, the sufferings and the constant changes in the human soul.

Be sure not to miss this version of Bulgakov’s masterpiece. The theatre festival can be reached from Gorkovskaya metro station, and a 5-minutes walk. The prices go from 700 to 1000 rubles per ticket.

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