Master Russian

19 December, 2013

I have been focusing mostly on mobile apps for Russian learning, but I know for some people, this is not an option. So, this week I’m going to review a fantastic website appropriately named Master Russian. (

The website is basically a massive collection of different Russian learning resources, complete with grammar explanations, exercises, word of the day, site limks about Russian culture and much more. It would take numerous pages to properly review every feature about this website, however, I will say that most features on the page are well presented and would serve as a good compliment for someone who is just starting to study Russian or wants to continue studying after school.

Despite the large quantity of resources on the page,  it cannot do everything. The lessons and exercises do not cover every aspect of the complex Russian grammar and only provides some practice. What is helpful though are things like the large lists of most common Russian words and grammar tables.

No matter what your level or interest in Russian is, there is something on this site for you.

Advantages: Large collection of different Russian resources

Disadvantages: Some features are incomplete/not extensive


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